MOD: Hello fellow hunters. Hope we’re not late for the trend. And as you can see I haven’t played too much lately, but my love never dies.

Ah what a good way to begin our school hiatus with a short living/but cool trend in the MH Community. But you can still leave questions, the response time will just be slower. Until then fellow hunters.


My brother needed 1 Uragaan Ruby. This is my screen.


going solo in moga village like


 going solo in port tanzia like



Seeing how everyone else is posting theirs, here’s my current guild card for all to see! If you ever need HH support, I’m your guy!


We’ve noticed a number of you sharing your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Guild Cards… so here’s the one from our resident MH guy, Yuri “Dubindoh”. =)


i may clean this up cause i like his face


opencanvas monster hunter doodlers
i like hammers they’re big and cool


I’m glad to be a part of this community! Here is my mh3u guild card. This is my first Monster Hunter game. I cannot wait for 4u! I look forward to playing with everyone, and making new friends along the way. ;)

Feel free to friend me. 
• Steam: Atzy / Wii-U: Retzura 

 damnwyverngems & monsterhunterthings

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