Pokemonster Hunter (art by arvalis)

An impressive fusion of two “monster” led series. Always wondered what a Charizard would look like if one wandered through Moga Woods :3

Arvalis’ page has numerous other “realistic” Pokemon designs that are equally interesting - go check ‘em out!

And while neither Charizard nor Venusaur appear in MH4U, at least we can fight with Link’s equipment!


Hahaha, remember when I said I’d get this reward soon?

Then I completely stopped playing for three months. Whoops!

To be fair, as long as you play the game a lot, you’re bound to get this award eventually, so I guess it’s not much of an achievement in that regard, but it’s still one more Award that most people won’t get.

If you can’t play in multiplayer to spam the HR8 quest Four-Point Formation with other Slime users, then the easiest way to gain HR points is the HR6 advanced quest Pack Mentality: kill/capture three Barioth (one at a time), for 4410 HRP per quest. Takes around 12 minutes every time!

…Anyways, as stated earlier, in this post I’m gonna list all the monsters I need to kill for a mini crown/gold large crown. (I definitely won’t bother getting ‘em for the convention, there’s not enough time, it’s barely worth it without a second copy of the game to save the crown.)

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- Small Tigrex -

By Cyjon

** Permission was granted by the artist to share this image.


Seemingly all Hunters post their guild cards nowadays. So here’s the guild card of a rather lonely gunlancer… =3=


I haven’t found much Deviljho fan art before, but this is awesome!


(Art Source)


My Monster Hunter 3U guild card


Just a sketch that I cleaned up and decided looked cool. Possible sticker.


You wouldn’t want to battle Zinogre without a weapon with good sharpness.”

Wanted to see if I could take a shot at drawing one of the best monsters with the best theme song. Just a heavy sketch that I can copy onto my other laptop.

That silly Yukomo armor set I swear….


back in the day my husband and i had some rly cute monhun rp characters.

Kinda confused at how you're able to delay getting up from a knock-down; how exactly does that benefit the hunter?

The delay when getting up is great. During this time you are immune to all damage. This can save you when the monster is doing a massive combo. You can delay the time yourself by waiting for your hunter to naturally get up, or speed it up by moving the directional stick. Obviously, the natural getting up is much longer than forcing your character to get up. There’s even a food skill that increases the frames of invulnerability. In many situations it is beneficial to abuse this natural invulnerability by waiting for the monster to finish their attack and then get up. This saves you from death and keeps you in the hunt.

Benefits a plenty. Time your rise well, or you will fall. 

- Tira 

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