Yup that’s right. Before I hate trouble with Pink rathian, then here’s was this bastard. He’s fast, he’s brutal, and his attacks in rage mode practically has double range in rage mode.

So long story short, I decided to use dual swords against him because my Axe was too slow.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned about Brachy:

He’s weak to water.
Best way to avoid some of his attacks is rolling right under him to his behind.

If he does that jumping lunge attack towards you, face him and dodge to your forward right or left, you’d end up behind him that way.

Use the lock-on. SERIOUSLY. This guy jumps and moves around so damn much sometimes you’d wonder if his blood is made of energy drinks. He sometimes chain attacks that involves flanking you and if you attack him while right between his legs, the lock-on can help reorient you.

His slime explodes immediately during rage mode. This doubles the radius of his punching slime attacks so it’s better to keep you weapon sheathed when he’s raging.

Also during his rage, pay attention to his fists because he can run out of slime (Thus no more explosions). if you can, use this opportunity to attack him before he reslimes his fists.

This fight took me 35 minutes, about 10 minutes longer than the usual hunts.

You know what’s the best part?

This is my first Brachy hunt ever and I got a gem in the rewards.


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