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Grinds gem to use in forging then sobs over hours of grinding gone in an instant
Passed 3000 Followers!

Thanks to everyone for sticking around. We hope to see you all next year, playing MH4G and having a great time.

- Tira

So you all know… Disqus is installed on this blog now.

You can now fight with each other in posts. 

- Tira

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hyujikiki submitted:

Has anyone else had this happen?

Was farming Brachydios with a friend when he limped to area 6 to go eat rhenoplos when the music failed to play on entering the area (I entered before he did). The music failed to play even after we killed him and came back to port tanzia.

I usually save the game on finishing a quest and save again at the bed through force of habit, and the game just… crashed. My character went to bed, but ‘saving’ didn’t show up and she just laid there and wouldn’t move. I have no idea why this happened but it made me quite paranoid. This has never happened with any of the PSP series (though my other friend got knocked out of map boundaries by the Ples in unite in the desert…) so I have no idea what caused this.

Good news is that my save file was fine.

This is important so… A warning to you all. 

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Wow. 1000 followers.

I can’t believe we have this many. I started this blog so long ago because… Monster Hunter. I was new to Tumblr, didn’t see much Monster Hunter on it, and decided to start posting my own contributions to the game that I loved. If any of you were here from the beginning, you know the original blog was Monster Hunter Problems. After leaving the blog to rot and coming back, I renamed it Monster Hunter Things, asked Intersect to help by posting pictures he found, and started encompassing many of the Monster Hunter related posts onto this blog.

It was meant to be a conglomeration of all things Monster Hunter on Tumblr. 

I really hope that’s what you see. I try to bring all the… reasonably safe for work bits of Monster Hunter to you. Though I’m not the best hunter, I hope my sheer love of the game makes up for it. 

Now for the thank yous!

Personal Blogs

Xobybr for being a Monster Hunter pro

Hermitaur for not only being a hunter, but using one of the old school monsters for your blog name. Sweet. 

Amatsumagatsuchi Long name, cute blog. 

Superkip A long time hunter who entertains me greatly. 

SingleActionJack who used to post more but… I don’t know what happened to them… Ah well, still in my heart. 

Monster Hunter Blogs

Azure Nargacuga for being an all around bro and always keeping up with the times.

First Class Monster Hunter Legends for living up to your name!

Hunter’s Notes for all the art you find and sourcing the stuff.

MHGathering Hall for being a fellow MH blog. Keep on hunting on.

fyeahmonsterhunter for finding the cutest stuff. 

Rathiansroar for having a sweet name and sweet content.

Globalmonsterhunters for being… my Monster Hunter IDOLS.

That’s all my personal thank yous for now. Of course I thank you, all my followers. You didn’t have to, but you did anyway. I love you all. We’re supposed to be a close knit group, right? And now as the release of Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 is soon upon us, you can bet that this blog will stick to the motto of Monster Hunter.

In the world of Monster Hunter, you’re never alone. 

- Tira

Which monsters have the best ‘Retard Rush’
Almost every monster does it. You know. That really stupid looking attack where they blindly charge at you (or where you used to be). 

My favorites have to be Rathian’s and Yian Kut Kus. 

You guys? 

Music Battle! Who has the better theme? Jhen Moron’s - He Who Rides the Sea of Sand/ Intercepting The Great Gong or Alatreon’s Theme?

I can’t decide! But I adore Jhen’s themes. 

- Tira

Intercepting the Great Gong. 

- Intersect 

Jhen’s Themes Great Gong Sea of Sand 

Alatreon’s Theme 

Oh God

College has taken away my hunting and my blog. I haven’t been able to hunt or really come on here since I’m taking 17 credits and… well you get the point. I think I’ll have a hunt later today and I’ll tell you all how it goes. I still have to rank up against Nargie. 

- Tira


 MAN, I LOVED this cosplay. AWESOME OMFG.

Should I replay MHP3?

I be bored. 


Crazy guy in Japan made a gunlance (by sp0rsk)


Indeed, why the fuck not.

Oooh… What is this? Cosplay or CGI? Or do I just want it to be cosplay.

That awkward moment when you do the slow dive off a high cliff.

Stupid Rathian knocking me over. 

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